Team Atlantis Breaking News

Team Atlantis with breaking news. Wow Team atlantis is setting records with PAID Trafficwave referrals.

This Breaking news is from Didi Wargo the AWESOME Team Leader of Team Atlantis.
Janet Croft has graduated from our first straight line rotator with three (3) PAID TrafficWave (TW) referrals and into our second to receive her next two (2) PAID TW referrals. She will soon be receiving $53.85 in Fast Track Bonuses alone. Her TW subscription is now covered via her monthly commissions. Congratulations, Jan!
And what does this mean? You got it; our next member in line has entered the hot seat to receive their very own PAID TW referrals. Drum roll please . . . Louise Casperson, you are now in the team’s hot seat and you will be receiving your very direct referrals very soon. Yayyyyy!
Dejan Radonjic, Petar Team and Nasir have all graduated from three and it’s free rotator via personal promotions and have been moved to our Tidal Wave Bound rotator. Way to go folks! Of course, this rolls everybody closer to the three and its free rotator.
Jasmin and Klaus Dietlmeier have reached Tidal Wave Level. They will now earn 25% of her direct referrals earnings. Congratulations Jasmin and Klaus. You both are half way to Tsunami Level. Yayyyyyyy!
Dale Rust and Volker Webel have both reached Tsunami Level. Whooooo hooooooo! This is where the monthly income can become staggering. Congratulations Dale and Volker. You will now earn 50% of all your direct referrals earnings. i.e. If one of your downline members is earning $250 a month in regular commissions, you will be earning $125. This is for just one direct referral. Now just imagine all ten of them earning this monthly commissions. That’s $1,250 dollars. So, if you haven’t figured it out, it’s very important that you help your downline to build their commissions. You can help them by promoting their team and/or personal pages. I would personally recommend that once you have one direct (1) PAID TW referral of your own per month, that you change your link in your personal letter series to theirs. Not only will this keep your direct referrals on board, but it will increase your monthly commissions. It’s a no brainer. HELP YOUR DIRECT REFERRALS!
Shon Jiminez, who was last week’s winner has received a PAID TW referral out of turn thus jump starting his downline. Congratualtions Shon! All members who receive 1,000 or more hits to their team page ad tracker URL during the previous week are entered into this drawing.

Breaking news for today 3/8/14 and it just keeps on getting better every day. Team Atlantis is taking the Internet by storm!

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Hope to see you soon.

Thanks a Million,
Gene Derieg
Team Atlantis Member

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Team Atlantis Promotes Unlimited Trafficwave Referrals

If you are looking for a way to promote Trafficwave then you have found it. Team Atlantis is a FREE system that promotes UNLIMITED Trafficwave referrals.

Team Atlantis currently holds 7 of the top 20 earners in Trafficwave. It makes no sense to try and “reinvent the wheel”.

Let me tell you about Team Atlantis. Team Atlantis has a unique system of recruiting PAID TrafficWave referrals.

It is a system that will not let you fail and will get you PAID Trafficwave referrals; not FREE members.

Team Atlantis is the number one Trafficwave team on the internet. Team Atlantis has the fastest moving rotators of any other Trafficwave teams.

Here is the Team Atlantis details.
All members receive 3 PAID referrals based on their join date in Team Atlantis’s first straight line rotator.
When you get 3 and it’s FREE before moving on to Team Atlantis’ second straight line rotator which will provide 2 more PAID referrals based on member’s join date. When you get 5 PAID direct referrals you have reached Trafficwave’s Tidal Wave level. When you reach Tidal Wave level you get moved to a rotating URL to receive even more PAID referrals at random. You get UNLIMITED PAID Trafficwave referrals in Team Atlantis.

The ultimate goal is to reach Tsunami Level and with the help of the team you will get there. Team Atlantis has created many Tidal Wave and tsuami level members. As I said before, Team Atlantis has 7 members listed in the top 20 earners report in Trafficwave. There is no doubt this number will continue to grow…Team Atlantis is dominating the internet. Come grow with us.

All members get promotional options. A member may choose to promote only team pages, only personal pages or both. Most members choose to promote both… I recommend both.

Members who choose to promote personal pages (zero hit option), will be supplied the Team Atlantis’ member letter series. This series will be sent to anybody completing their personal Team Atlantis provided page and it will have the member’s personal Trafficwave affiliate link.

If you want the team to provide you PAID referrals you must produce a minimum of 1000 hits or more per week to your team tracker URL. If you decide to only promote your personal page then you don’t have to have the minimum 1000 hits. You will be promoting your personal page. That’s OK but why not do both. It is up to you.

There is more to Team Atlantis and I recommend you click on my Team Atlantis link and get the whole story. One more thing, it only costs 17.95 a month to join Trafficwave and nothing to join the Team Atlantis FREE system.

Here is Trafficwave’s fantastic Pay Plan:

I could go on and on but if you will click on my Team Atlantis link you will get the whole story. Here is my link:
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Don’t wait any longer to start making both immediate and residual income!

Thanks A Million,
Gene Derieg

Gene’s Team Atlantis Team Blog

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